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PDCPD BUTTERFLY VALVE[28-48inch](700-1200mm)

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PDCPD BUTTERFLY VALVE[28-48inch](700-1200mm)


High Corrosion Resistance

The body and disc are made of PDCPD. And the corrosion-resistant resin, covering the whole contact surface,makes the valve highly resistant against chemical and sea water.

Light Weight

PDCPD having 1/4 or less the specific gravity of iron, the PDCPD BUTTERFLY VALVE is significantly lighter than a metallic butterfly valve.

Tight Seal

A seat made of a synthetic rubber, makes the valve highly water-tight.

Excellent Flow Characteristics

Being concentric and streamlined, the disc gives small resistance to a flow, thus allowing it to be laminar. The seat is kept clean, since it is integrated with the entire internal wall of the body.

Easy to Install

The seat is flanged, so that it needs no gasket. The PDCPD BUTTERFLY VALVE is so light that it is easy install.EconomicsBecause of its high corrosion resistance, the PDCPD BUTTERFLY VALVE remains easy to operate after prolonged periods of use and needs little maintenance. Its light weight reduces piping costs.