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3-WAY BALL VALVE TYPE 23[1/2-4inch](15-100mm)

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3-WAY BALL VALVE TYPE 23[1/2-4inch](15-100mm)


Compact and Economic

The 3-WAY BALL VALVES allows two flow patterns, using one valve. The valve is suitable for a pipeline which requires two ball valves and a tee. That is, the 3-WAY BALL VALVES is economic because it makes piping compact and saves space.

Reversible Flow Direction

The 3-WAY BALL VALVE is based on the Asahi true union ball valve design which can be installed or removed only by tightening or loosening its union nut.

Newly Equipped ISO Mounting Flange

This new feature provides for easier mounting of actuators on valves.

Interchangeable with Ball Valve Type21

The face to face dimensions, as well as the connecting parts, end connectors and union nuts, are the same as the ball valve Type21.

Other Special Features

Double O-ring seal on stem for an added protection. W-L port ball and *Cross port ball are available upon request. Note: Cross port ball is available at the size of 15mm (1/2inch) up to 50mm (2inch). Built-in spanner wrench on the handle for valve disassembly and assembly.