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Leister Geostar G5

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Leister GEOSTAR G5.


Civil engineering redefined: With the GEOSTAR hot wedge welding machines for welding geosynthetic plastic sealing sheets (PSS).

The super-fast flexible all-rounder with many accessories welds practically every type of plastic while itself weighing only 16.4 kg. Maximum reduced construction with cast aluminum frame (16.4 kg) and strong performance. With the G5, thinner materials can be welded just as securely as PVC with the steel wedge intended for that purpose.

Operating unit with integrated voltage display for permanent monitoring of welding parameters and mains voltage, welding wedge replacement in less than 1 minute, generous material input, smooth-motion sliding of the geomembranes thanks to new wedge geometry and three different parking and maintenance positions.

  • Welding speed up to 12 m/min
  • Digital display of joint pressure, speed and hot wedge temperature
  • Very high heating capacity / heating power
  • Welding wedge replacement in less than 1 minute!
  • Integrated voltage display
  • Adjustable chassis height
  • Materials: HD-PE 0.8 – 3.0 mm; PP. LD-PE, TPO, FPO; PVC-P