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Coastal Protection

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Every day thousands of cubic meters of sand are eroded by rivers, lakes and seas actions; climate changes create further damages to coasts and banks all around the world. For these reasons Edilfloor has developped a family of products for all applications related to coastal and banks protection: SINTEXTUBE, FILTER UNIT,


All products are of course designed to prevent, limit or even stopping, the natural erosion phenomena. Some products can also be used in the immediate post-emergence stages as a result of exceptionally serious atmospheric events.

Many of the above products can be customized according to specific requirements of projects or site conditions.

Edilfloor is able to provide adequate assistance both in design and installation steps.


SintexTube is a tubular geocontainer available in a wide range of sizes depending on application.


SintexTube is usually made of PP woven geotextile (Geodren W-PP) and it can be realized with different product range in terms of  mechanical performance and color (usually black or sand).


The main applications are coastal defence/protection and dewatering. In both cases the capacity is exploited through the material of which it is composed, the solid part remains inside while the liquid part goes through the geotextile pores: then muds or fluids can be easily filtered.


For marine applications, pumped fluid is a mixture of water and sand while in various applications for dewatering the pumped mud could have very different origins (industrial sludge, animal sludge, etc.), in the latter case flocculants should be added to accelerate the sedimentation of the solid part inside SintexTube.

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