Leister Support App

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We proudly announce you our new Leister Support App! The app answers your questions concerning better use of your Leister tool. You can find features which are relevant for Plastic Welding as well as for Process Heat (English / Android version only).

All functions at a glance:

  • FAQ Plastic Welding
  • FAQ Process Heat
  • FAQ Wizard
    (machine doesn’t reach set temperature)
  • Power Cord Checker
  • Welding Parameters
  • Civil Engineering
  • Unit Converter
  • Process Heat Formulas

The FAQ Plastic Welding and Process Heat areas cover the questions which our sales support team regularly receives from our customers. Have a look and see if the answer to your request is also there. Additionally, the FAQ wizard guides you through a series of questions to find out, why your Leister tool doesn’t reach the set temperature and how you can solve this.

In civil engineering it can be difficult to define the initial parameters for the test weldings. Our app provides you with our tested parameters ​​for all Leister automatic welders used in civil engineering. All you have to do is entering the Leister machine you have, your material and its thickness. Attention: These are just initial parameters to start your test weldings. It is always necessary to carry out test weldings with your material!

On the construction site long cables are often used. This can lead to a voltage drop and power loss, depending on the length and cross section of the cable and the mains voltage. You can enter your data and the app calculates the rest for you easily and reliably.

Furthermore, the Leister Support App converts units like Fahrenheit to Celsius and many more.

In Process Heat, various formulas are used to support you in selecting the best Leister air heater and blower for your application. You can enter your values and the app provides you with the results, which can help you with your decision.

Leister Support App (Screen-Shot)
Leister Support App (Screen-Shot)