AGRU Poly-Flo – Double Containment Piping

Double containment piping is applied mainly for underground piping systems to ensure full ground water and environmental protection. For the protection of humans and equipment double containment piping is used for above ground installation.

The AGRU double containment pipes have been used very successfully in a wide range of applications for many years. They fulfill today´s high requirements in the field of chemical process engineering. Our new Poly-Flo system is an expansion of our double containment piping system which has proven its value over years. For leak detection in the double containment piping, different methods are offered and they are installed in the space between inner and outer pipe. The simultaneous welding (heating element butt welding method) is the most used connection method for piping components and ensures an easy and cost-effective installation. Beside this welding method also other connection technologies are available in the supply range from AGRU. This innovative system wins over with optimal space management as well as with a cost- efficient solution.



  • Higher safety
  • Cost savings vs. fabricated systems
  • More uniform construction


  • Acts like single wall pipe
  • Fewer concerns during expansion & construction
  • Eliminate separation during directional drilling

SDR standard:

  • Full pressure rating
  • No special welding clamps
  • Similar logistics to single wall products


  • Safe and fast installation
  • Outer and inner diameter of fitting and pipe corresponds exactly
  • Safety installation
  • Low space requirement of double containment system
  • Low weight due to small annular space


  • Price advantage due to innovative production method
  • The pipes and fittings are produced in one step (Injection molded, extruded)
  • No pre-fabrication of pipes and fittings required

Here you will find more information on the AGRU Poly-Flo Systems.