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AGRU Large diameter HDPE Piping (OD 3,000 mm)

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AGRU Large diameter HDPE Piping (OD 3,000 mm).

Made from PE 100 or PE 100-RC, the AGRULINE High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) large diameter piping system offers the most economical solution when it comes to high volume flow applications. Excellent performance in onshore and offshore applications.

Outstanding life span

polyethylene never corrodes
Less operating costs compared to other solutions

  • based on a high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation
  • long lasting smooth internal surface reduces biogrowth / incrustations
  • proofed maintenance-free operation

Fast and easy installation

polyethylene is flexible, lightweight and easy to weld
Superior laying properties

  • allowing various installation methods
  • fast & safe sinking processes at offshore installation
  • due to an extensive range of pipe diameters and fittings
  • time saving butt welding provides durability and leak tightness
  • a high fatigue strength prevents damages during installation & operation

Heavy-duty dimensioned

pipes available between OD 20 mm and OD 2500 mm from SDR 41 up to SDR 7,4
(for larger pipe sizes up to SDR 17)

Designed for highest demands

  • perfect for power plants with large required quantities of cooling water
  • withstands water hammers and pressure surges
  • wide application range (sewage, mining, cooling, desalination, irrigation, .. )