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Featured Projects

  • Step Tunnel T-01- Abu Dhabi.
  • The Palm Jumeirah Tunnel - Dubai.
  • Culture Village Roads & Infrastructure - Dubai.
  • Al Wahda Road Improvement Underpass - Sharjah.
  • Yas Island Development Package 2B - Abu Dhabi.
  • Haram Expansion & Roadway Tunnels - Makkah.
  • Open Cut Tunnels - Taif, Madina & Riyadh.

Gaskets for segmental precast lining

Datwyler develops compression gaskets for bored tunnels using the shield-driving method, lined with prefabricated segments made of reinforced concrete. We develop these sealing systems individually to meet the design of your specific tunnel. To address the ever increasing requirements of our customers, Datwyler has already developed numerous profile geometries and brought those into use in more than 450 tunnel projects around the world. Datwyler offers you a variety of special solutions to effectively cover the whole range of your tunnel applications, be they in supply, sewage or transportation.

Anchored gaskets for segmental precast lining

In cooperation with leading segment mould manufacturers, Datwyler can provide you with gaskets that are anchored directly into the concrete segments, thus significantly improving the quality of your applications, while keeping down your production costs and adhesive consumption.