Moeding Baguettes

The wide use of Moeding facade tiles has resulted in planners increasingly asking for more individual facade solutions over the course of the last few years. In order to meet this demand, the maximum size for the ALPHATON® and LONGOTON® tiles has been extended. Many project-specific special solutions have been produced and tile surfaces made with a three-dimensional structure. In addition, shading and design elements made of tiles have been added to many buildings.

Special elements, shading elements and design elements match the Moeding facade tiles in terms of materiality, feel and natural color. The special elements are available in many natural tile colors. Special colors specific to the property are possible: Strong glaze colors are particularly popular, which are mostly developed for a specific project together with the planner.

Baguettes as sunshading in front of windows or glass facades

In many cases, baguette facade elements are used as square tubes. Baguettes provide an effective form of sunshading in front of windows or glass facades.

As the baguettes match the tile facade in terms of material and feel, they are incorporated very harmoniously in the look of the facade. The baguettes can pick up on the facade pattern.

Baguettes are available as square tubes in many sizes from 40 x 40 mm to 90 x 90 mm.

Single tile elements can be made up to 1,000 mm long. If larger widths need to be spanned, several tile elements are fitted onto a system-specific aluminum profile at the factory to make a single component. This makes lengths up to 2,500 mm possible. All tile colors in the MOEDING ALPHATON® and MOEDING LONGOTON® color spectrum are available.

Baguettes on multi-storey car parks

Multi-storey car parks represent a special application for the MOEDING baguettes. High demands are placed on design especially in city center locations. In addition, the facade material must not be flammable, must let in natural light and ensure adequate ventilation.

Square baguettes with rectangular cross-section

As an alternative to the square cross-section, baguettes can also be produced with a rectangular cross-section. The rectangular cross-section provides a more solid look and greater depth effect.

Oval baguettes

Shading elements with an oval cross-section are particularly used in front of transparent glass facades.

The oval cross-section shape gives the elements a light appearance. Depending on the application, the shading elements can be installed horizontally or at an angle.

Special shapes

Architects and planners place ever higher demands on the manufacturer of the ceramic facade system. Elements are increasingly used that can no longer be produced by the conventional extrusion method.

Thanks to over 100 years experience in the manufacture of ceramic materials, MOEDING is able to supply hand-shaped special elements.

Every special element, no matter how complicated, must satisfy the high demands of a MOEDING tile facade.

The special elements are developed in close collaboration with the planner. In the development stage, the design of the special elements in line with the planner's wishes is awarded the same importance as the ability to install them easily and safely.

Baguettes as a design element in front of closed facade surfaces

Due to their technical properties, their creative design options and their ability to provide a haptic experience, baguettes are ideally suited for harmonization purposes in front of closed surfaces.

Special effects are created in this way, which give the facade a more relaxed or structured appearance.

Ventilation openings, air conditioning appliances or other installations can therefore be integrated easily and elegantly in the overall facade concept.

Baguettes as a combination with special tiles

The combination of baguettes with a square cross-section and other special tiles represents a special feature.

The unity of the facade is reinforced in this way. At the same time, the surface of the tiles is designed so that the shape of the baguettes continues on the tiles.

Triangular baguettes

Baguettes with a triangular cross-section are particularly suitable for shading glass areas on tile-covered, sloping roofs.

The baguettes' triangular shape therefore enables them to be exactly leveled with the roof slope and thus gives a coherent appearance to the whole roof area.

Shading elements for controlled direction of daylight

In the wake of increasing energy costs, the controlled direction of daylight is increasingly awarded greater significance.

The desired shading effect, which results in considerable energy savings when it comes to cooling buildings, is countered by the darkening effect.

Rooms are darkened by the shading elements to such an extent that there is greater reliance on artificial light.

Making innovative use of ceramic shading elements means that the darkening effect can be minimized. On the one hand the shading elements can be fitted to be movable. By means of a rotatable bearing assembly on the shading elements, it is possible to control the dark areas. Added investments costs for drive and control systems also comes with increased maintenance costs.

It is also possible to achieve a light direction effect with rigidly installed shading elements if the cross-section of the shading elements is adapted to the natural conditions.