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Moeding Terracotta Façades - UAE

Moeding Keramikfassaden is the leading manufacturer of ventilated terracotta rainscreen systems. Thousands of Moeding façades worldwide are referenced for the performance of the Moeding façade system. Moeding is always regarded their Terracotta rainscreen system as complete system. This system includes tile panels, tile holders, support profiles and the joint profiles.

The rainscreen cladding with thermal insulation offers the ideal construction principle for exterior cladding. Not only does the body of the building get a protective sheath, but, more importantly, the structural characteristics complement each other to create a perfect façade system, which is innovative, maintenance-free, ecological, economical and offers great design potential.

Ventilated façades are wall coverings, they are developed to protect buildings against the combined action of rain and wind, as well as the heat insulation and soundproofing as well as fire protection

In terms of thermal energy, ventilated walls reduce the amount of heat that buildings absorb in hot weather due to the façade and the ventilated air gap, thus achieving considerable reduction in the costs of air conditioning. Vice versa, in winter, ventilated walls manage to retain heat.

Competence and know-how are characteristic of our specialized consultants. We offer our knowledge and our experience in the planning stages, and provide on-site support.


  • non-fade
  • frost proof
  • resistant to agressive media
  • dimensional stability
  • resistant to salt water
  • non-flamable
  • harmless to health
  • fully recyclable

System Illustration